Apple’s allegedly cheaper iPhone 4 model – the N90A – shows up in Foxconn Brazil

Sat, Oct 1, 2011

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It’s hard to say anything’s for certain when you’re talking about upcoming Apple products, but a cheaper version of the iPhone 4 is looking like more of a sure thing with each passing day.

Following reports that a N90A model iPhone was already showing up in Apple’s internal inventory system comes word and photos from Gizmodo Brazil which also point to what we believe will be an 8GB iPhone 4 model. Note that the internal model of the iPhone 4 was N90 and it’s largely believed the N90 descriptor refers to a lower-end iPhone 4 model.

The photo above was taken at Foxconn’s plant in Brazil, and while the face-plates above show nothing special – just a regular looking iPhone 4, really – the photo below is worth glancing at for more than a brief second.

“Reprovado” means “disqualified” and Gizmodo Brazil EIC Pedro Burgos relays that it’s hard to make out the note underneath but that it looks like it reads “lenses sent”, whatever that means. Perhaps a faulty camera lens or something. But take a look in the upper left hand corner – you’ll note that the model number reads, “N90A.”

So, Apple’s plans for October 4 are starting to take shape.

Just this weekend, Apple pulled anĀ iTunes Beta which tipped its hand as to the name of its next-gen iPhone model – named the iPhone 4S – and now we have enough evidence to reasonably state that Apple will concurrently release a low-end iPhone 4 model, most likely in an 8GB capacity.

via Gizmodo



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