Latest iTunes beta confirms iPhone 4S name, points to no change in form factor

Sat, Oct 1, 2011

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Apple on Friday issued an updated iTunes beta containing a specific reference to an iPhone 4S model. Further, the screenshot used to depict the iPhone 4S is that of a CDMA iPhone 4, lending more weight to speculation that Apple’s next-gen iPhone will sport the same form factor as the iPhone 4.

While it’s certainly possible that the image used is there as a placeholder, that seems unlikely given the mountain of evidence pointing to a similar form factor across the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 lines. Further, even if we assume the image is a placeholder, Apple has certainly tipped its hand as to what it will call it’s next-gen iPhone – the iPhone 4S.

iTunes only holds two iPhone 4S references: black and white versus the four iPhone 4 references of black/GSM, black/CDMA, white/GSM, and white/CDMA. This may also confirm the rumors of the new iPhone being a dual-mode/CDMA + GSM handset.

The only question, now, is whether or not Apple will be announcing an iPhone 5 with a larger form factor this Tuesday as well.

And tellingly, the latest iTunes Beta has subsequently been pulled.

via 9to5Mac


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