Safari browser accounts for 5% of worldwide web usage for first time

Sat, Oct 1, 2011


Apple’s Safari web browser, for the first time, now appears to account for over 5% of global browser usage. According to a recent report from Net Applications, machines running Safari accounted for 5.02% of all computers connecting to the Internet.

OS X now accounts for approximately 6.45% of the worldwide computers that access the web, a slight increase from the 6% figure it reached back in August. In the US, things are rosier for Apple as OS X accounts for 13.7% of computers that access the web.

All Things D reports:

Globally, Windows still accounts for 92 percent of the desktop market, while Linux accounted for just over one percent.

On the browser side, Internet Explorer had 54 percent of the market, followed by Firefox with 22 percent and Google’s Chrome with 16 percent. That marks another in a long run of gains for Chrome, while Internet Explorer lost share for the seventh month in a row. Firefox was down just slightly from August.



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