iPhone 4S pre-orders begin on October 7

Wed, Oct 5, 2011


Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 4S availability over the next few weeks.

Apple’s next-gen iPhone, the 4S, will hit stores on October 14th. If you’re not keen on waiting in line for hours on end, or if you simply want to ensure that supply doesn’t run out before you get a chance to hit up an Apple Store, iPhone 4S pre-orders begin online on October 7 at 12 a.m Pacific Time.

As for what countries will be carrying the iPhone 4S on launch day, customers in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK are in luck.

Two weeks later, on October 28th, Apple will roll out the iPhone 4S to 22 additional countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

By the end of the year, the iPhone 4S will be available in 70 countries and on over 100 carriers. Phil Schiller noted that this was Apple’s fastest iPhone rollout to date.

This is particularly remarkable if you happen to remember the slow, staggered, and drawn-out release schedule that encumbered earlier iPhone rollouts.

Price wise, the base model 16GB iPhone 4S will set you back $199 while the 32GB will cost $299 and the 64GB model coming in at $399. If you’re looking to upgrade to a new iPhone but aren’t sold on the iPhone 4S, or perhaps are looking to save some money, the iPhone 3GS is now available for $49 on contract while an 8GB iPhone 4 is available for $99 with contract. Of course, depending on how far into your contract you are, you might even be able to pick up the iPhone 3GS for free.

To check your upgrade eligibility, Apple has a nifty tool on its website that lays out all of your upgrade options if you’re an AT&T or Verizon customer.



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