Matt Drance on Steve Jobs, holding on for one more launch

Thu, Oct 6, 2011


Matt Drance writes eloquently about Steve Jobs. And much like the famous “Crazy Ones” Think Different ad, Drance intimates that you can say whatever you want about Steve Jobs, but the one thing you can’t do is ignore him.

You can love or hate the man, his company, and his products. You can simply not care much either way. But there is no disputing that everything we know and think about technology today has been dramatically influenced in one way or another by Steve Jobs. His vision and leadership have repeatedly changed millions of lives for the better. He is one of the most significant individuals of our generation, of the last century, and when all is said and done, probably in the history of this world…

It was only the day before that we watched an Apple event launching new hardware and software products. Steve was not in the building, but he sure as hell was watching on Tuesday. And I’m sure he was reviewing slides and demos to the very end. He held on for one last launch, the first out from under his tenure, to see for himself that his legacy was intact.

And seeing that it was, he went out on his own time, peacefully.

via AppleOutsider


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