AT&T and Apple working to put ‘4G’ icon in iPhone 4S status bar

Sun, Oct 9, 2011


This is my Next has some interesting news for us. It turns out that AT&T confirmed to them that they’re working with Apple to put an 4G indicator icon on the iPhone 4S status bar.

Even though AT&T’s current HSPA+ network isn’t technically 4G, the company has been branding it as such – and with download speeds coming in at 14.4 Mbps (which is double the throughput of the iPhone 4), we doubt most people will raise a fuss or even notice.

That said, there’s no sign of AT&T’s network branding effort slowing down, but here’s a bit of a shocker: the carrier is apparently “working with Apple” to change the indicator in the iPhone 4S to show “4G” in the status bar as well. That’s surprising considering Apple’s general reluctance over the past four years to bow to carrier pressure on… well, pretty much anything — and what’s more, the indicator will require an iOS update to enable.

So the iOS update won’t make your phone run faster, it’ll just make you think it is.

Thus far, pre-order sales of the iPhone 4S have been doing gangbusters over at AT&T, with Ma Bell already issuing a press release stating that they’ve processed over 200,000 orders thus far, making it the most successful iPhone launch in AT&T history.


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