Sony acquires movie rights to upcoming Steve Jobs biography

Sun, Oct 9, 2011


Well I suppose it was inevitable. With Steve Jobs’ first authorized biography penned by Walter Isaacson scheduled for release on October 24th, Deadline reports that Sony Pictures has already contracted a deal to acquire the movie rights for said biography.

The rumored terms of the deal suggest that Sony is shelling out anywhere from $1 million to $3 million for the film rights, tentatively set to be produced by Mark Gordon.

“The studio seems a good fit for the book,” the report points out, “having boiled business books into compelling dramas with both the Oscar-nominated The Social Network and Moneyball.”

This of course isn’t the first time Steve Jobs and Apple have been the focus of a movie. You might remember a film called Pirates of Silicon Valley that came out in 1999. The movie, starring Noah Wyle as Jobs, chronicled the early days of Apple and Steve Jobs’ tussles with Microsoft and Bill Gates, played by Anthony Michael Hall (who apparently lived out the fantasy of his character from the Breakfast Club.

With Isaacson’s upcoming biography, having been based on over 40 interviews with Jobs and over 100 interviews with former friends, adversaries, and colleagues, a Steve Jobs bioepic will undoubtedly have a deep well of material from which to draw from.

via Deadline



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