Design student creates instantly iconic Apple logo fused with silhouette of Steve Jobs

Mon, Oct 10, 2011

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Below is sweet and creative riff on the Apple logo paired with a silhouette of Steve Jobs. This photo has been making the rounds quite a bit over the past few days and illustrates, as Tim Cook said in his company wide email, that Jobs’ spirit “will forever be the foundation of Apple”, his influence forever stamped on the company.

But who was behind the the somber and symbolic image?

As it turns out, 19-year old Jonathan Mak, a student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, came up with the idea. Interestingly enough, Mak first created the design after Jobs had resigned as Apple CEO a few weeks ago. It didn’t attract much attention, though, until he re-posted it this past Thursday.

“Originally, I was going to put a black modified logo against a white background,” Mak told Reuters.

“It just didn’t feel somber enough. I just wanted it to be a very quiet commemoration. It’s just this quiet realization that Apple is now missing a piece. It’s just kind of implying his absence.”


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