iPhone 4S still sporting 512MB of RAM

Tue, Oct 11, 2011


AppVV got their hands on a pre-release version of the iPhone 4S somehow and are confirming that the device only sports 512MB of RAM. Well, perhaps “only” isn’t the proper choice of words given that early benchmarks of the iPhone 4S are incredibly impressive, with early reports suggesting the 4S is 68% faster than the iPhone 4.

In any event, AppVV relayed the news via a discussion thread on their website and on their Weibo page.

Apple of course never makes this information public as it wants consumers to focus on the user experience instead of getting bogged down in comparing spec charts across phones. And there is a method to apple’s madness as there’s a lot more that goes into how a phone performs than how much RAM it has. Besides the iPad 2 absolutely screams and it only has 512 MB of RAM as well.

It was initially believed that the iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5 as some were calling at the time, would undoubtedly have 1GB of RAM, which is why people took notice when Epic Games creative director Donald Mustard seemingly spilled the beans while up on stage at Apple’s iPhone event last week.

“I’m still shocked that, with the iPhone 4S, I’m literally running around with a 1080p video camera in my pocket, with an eight megapixel camera, 64GB of hard drive space and an A5 chip with 512MB of memory. This is a really powerful computer, right?”

And seeing how Epic Games had early access to the iPhone 4S so that they could demo an upcoming version of the popular iOS game Infinity Blade, Mustard likely isn’t resorting to speculation here.

via MacRumors


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