Samsung tweaks infringing Galaxy’s Android software in the Netherlands to avoid injunction

Wed, Oct 12, 2011

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Samsung in late August was on the receiving end of a decision that prohibited them from marketing and selling the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and their lineup of Ace smartphones in the EU. Note that the order only applied to Samsung’s three subsidiaries registered in the Netherlands and not to the parent company in Korea.

Nevertheless, because Samsung relied on Netherlands as a hub for most of its European operations, the ruling was particularly significant.

Now, less than two months later, Samsung has skirted around the injunction by modifying the Android software running on the Galaxy S, S II and Ace smartphone line. While Apple initially alleged that Samsung infringed upon 10 of Apple’s patents, the Dutch court ultimately ruled that Samsung was only in violation of one pertaining to how a user scrolls through a pane of photos.

“We’ve fixed the technological problem and upgraded products to address the issue,” Samsung spokesman James Chung said. They will be shortly available for sale.”

via Reuters



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