Apple ups iPhone 4S orders from Pegatron by 5 million units

Thu, Oct 13, 2011


With the iPhone 4S already the most successful iPhone launch to date, Apple is upping its orders for its next-gen smartphone. Sources in the supply chain have informed the Commercial Times that Apple recently upped its iPhone order by 5 million with Pegatron Technology, upping its previous order of 10 million units to 15 million.

That’s a stark increase in production for a device that hasn’t even launched yet and speaks to the unprecedented interest in the latest iteration of the iPhone.

Apple this past weekend touted that it had already received 1 million pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in under 24 hours. By way of contrast, the iPhone 4 netted Apple approximately 600,000 iPhone 4 pre-orders. That’s about a 66% increase in pre-orders year over year, which is all the more impressive given all of the pundits and even Apple fans who felt that this year’s upgrade was somewhat disappointing.

Of course, it does help that the iPhone 4S is launching on more carriers than any other previous iPhone in history. On that note, we noted earlier this week that Sprint has already sold out of the 16GB iPhone 4S and word is that Verizon’s 16GB iPhone 4S is now sold out as well.

What’s more, the delivery estimate for iPhone deliveries on AT&T was recently bumped up to three to four weeks. Just a few days ago AT&T’s website indicated a delivery time of just one to two days.

If you’re planning on hitting up an Apple retail store tomorrow, you might wanna get there early.

via Digitimes


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