From finding an escort to buying some weed, Siri’s got your back

Thu, Oct 13, 2011


This is my Next has an amusing list – soon to be an anthology I’m sure – of all the quirky things Siri says. It turns out that Siri is like that best friend you’re a little bit embarrassed to bring around your other groups of friends. Sure, it can help tell you what the meaning of life is, but it’s also capable of helping you hide a body, buy some weed, and even helping you find an escort on those lonely Friday nights when it’s just you and Siri hanging out.

If you ask Siri where to find some drugs, it’ll kindly direct you to some nearby headshops after kindly suggesting you visit some addiction treatment centers. That’s Siri for ya, always looking out but still a bad influence.

But let’s say the drug deal goes bad and some bodies hit the floor. What then? Don’t even sweat it. Siri’s got your back.

And once that’s done, it’s time to celebrate Julia Roberts style.

Man, that sure was a busy Thursday afternoon. All vices were covered and the iPhone 4S is in fine working condition. Now it’s time to wind down and wax philosophical.

Thank you Siri, for everything. Same time tomorrow?


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