Steve Jobs briefly discusses Siri and iTunes Match functionality in 2010 [Video]

Thu, Oct 13, 2011


Apple’s iPhone 4S launches today and Siri, Apple’s AI-based voice assistant, is clearly one of the device’s more compelling features. But there’s more than just an iPhone launch this week. Apple this week introduced iOS 5 while also rolling out iCloud.

In the video below, taken from the All Things D conference during the Summer of 2010, Steve Jobs is up on stage with Walt Mossberg and addresses, albeit briefly, Apple’s acquisition of Siri.

Mossberg curiously asks why Apple acquired a search-based company to which Jobs replied, “No they’re not in the search area, they’re in the AI area.. We like what they do a lot.. We have no plans to go into the search business. It’s not something we know about. It’s not something we care deeply about.”

Also, it’s interesting to listen to Jobs essentially describe the solution – which sounds awfully similar to iTunes Match – to a audience member’s concerns regarding syncing music across his Apple devices.


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