Steve Wozniak waiting in line overnight for the iPhone 4S

Thu, Oct 13, 2011


He may be the co-founder of Apple who helped provide the technical wizadry behind the Apple I and II, but Steve Wozniak is waiting in line overnight at an Apple Store in Los Gatos, California to get his mischevious hands on the iPhone 4S.

And it’s not because he has to, it’s because he wants to. Ya see, Woz is a man of the people. For the people and by the people. Okay, we’re getting carried away here, but it’s nice to see that Woz still remains a kid at heart and would much rather stand in line like the rest of us than get a pre-release version of the iPhone. In truth, we can’t say that we’d be so humble.

Wozniak acknowledged that he could have easily made one phone call to Apple and gotten the phone he’s waiting in line for, but he didn’t. He has yet to play with an iPhone 4S or its Siri voice-controlled assistant. He has said previously that he does not ask colleagues about products in development because he does not want to ruin the surprise for himself.

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