Al Gore: Steve Jobs is the kind of guy that comes along once every 250 years

Mon, Oct 24, 2011


During Al Gore’s recent interview at the AsiaD conference, the former Vice President waxed poetic on a wide swath of issues, though a good portion of the interview was naturally centered on Apple and the passing of Steve Jobs.

As an Apple board member, and with experience in all a wide range of business ventures, Gore is in a unique position to comment on what type of company Apple will be sans Jobs. We reported earlier how Gore explained that Apple, even without Jobs, will be able to keep its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit alive, bolstered no doubt by the fact that each of Apple’s executives could themselves be world class CEOs at any other company.

Reflecting on Jobs’ legacy and his accomplishments, Gore also had this to say.

“There’s no one like Steve,” Gore explained. “He’s the kind of guy that comes along once every 250 years. He was totally unique. So obviously his death is a terrible loss for the entire world. And we’ll all miss him. But his legacy lives on.”

“I think that among his many tremendous breakthrough inventions,” Gore continued, “the Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone, iPad, the iPhone with Siri, Pixar, you can go right down the list. Among them all, I actually think his greatest work was Apple itself. The most valuable company in the world, swapping back and forth with Exxon Mobil.”

“But more important than all that, he created an organization and inspired it, that really creates technology that people literally love. And the emotional attachment that people have to the degree of excellence embodied in Apple’s products is really quite unique and extraordinary. And that’s going to continue. There’s so many things in the pipeline, and the team that he built is hitting on all cylinders. It is, in my opinion, the best in the world, bar none.”

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