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Mon, Oct 24, 2011


Following the iPhone 4S announcement, Forbes had a remarkably vapid article disparaging Apple’s next-gen iPhone up on its website.

Due on October 14, this remarkably sucky, shoddy, sloppy, slapped together disaster of a phone will undoubtedly receive huge sales, endless attention, and a fair amount of praise from Apple loyalists. But if you own an iPhone 4 that’s in good working condition, you don’t need an iPhone 4S.

So said Louis Bedigian in a poorly thought out, and at times contradictory, opinion piece that somehow snuck onto the pages of Forbes.

Bedigian doesn’t have much bite behind his bark so his arguments naturally skew to the absurd. For instance, Bedigian curiously takes issue with the fact that the iPhone 4 is the most used camera on Flickr. Bedigian scoffs at this “accomplishment”, explaining that users who carry around one device in their pocket don’t care about quality. What’s more, most people don’t even know how to take good pictures! In short, Bedigian says reluctantly use the iPhone as a camera even though they know it sucks.

Well good thing we have Bedigian around to tell us what the masses think. As for how this nonsensical rambling has anything to do with the iPhone 4S is beyond me. I mean, the 4S takes remarkably good high-resolution photos. What’s the issue here?

And here’s what he has to say about Siri:

In practice, Siri might be cool. But Siri is a byproduct of software advancements and software acquisitions – it has nothing to do with iPhone 4S (outside of the fact that Apple chose to promote Siri at the iPhone 4S event).

Ha! Since when is the byproduct of software advancements and a software acquisition something to be avoided?

Bedigian also said that the iPhone wasn’t going to be a huge seller because Apple was allowing pre-orders, something it didn’t do with the iPad 2.

Clearly, Bedigian resides on some other-worldly planet where reason and facts are non-existent and nutty predictions are spewed out with alarming frequency.

Indeed, just one weekend after the iPhone 4S went on sale Apple reported sales of over 4 million units, setting an all-time launch record.

Also, note that it takes Bedigian not even a few paragraphs to say the iPhone 4S will sell well to arguing that it won’t sell at all. Smart.

Dare we say that if Bedigian is truly looking for something remarkably sucky, shoddy, sloppy, and slapped together, he might want to look at his own columns.



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