Macworld Expo becomes Macworld|iWorld

Tue, Oct 25, 2011


Taking a page from Apple’s own playbook, Macworld is undergoing a transformation this year. Much how the iPhone and the accompanying iOS began taking on greater prominence within Apple, so too are they taking on greater prominence at the premier Mac-oriented tradeshow.

Earlier today, Macworld VP and general manager Paul Kent explained the impetus behind the change:

“The brand is evolving from Macworld [Expo] to Macworld|iWorld to illustrate that the show is about the whole ecosystem of Apple products,” said Paul Kent, the event’s vice president and general manager.

The exhibits and conference sessions that have characterized past expos remain with Macworld|iWorld. But show organizers are also adding elements aimed at providing what Kent characterized as a “dynamic culture experience.”

Mac diehards need not worry too much, though, Kent also made a point of stressing that despite the additional focus on iOS, the event will still remain as laser focused on the Mac as ever.

Some of the new features antendees can expect to see at the next Macworld|iWorld include a “Music Experience” area which will house performances from musicians who use Apple technology to create their music along with a “Film Eevnt’ which showcases great films created with Apple video technology.

The event next year will take place from January 26-28. More information can be seen on the event’s website here. Interested folks can already begin registering over here.


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