Steve Jobs thought Mick Jagger was either on drugs or brain damaged upon first meeting him

Tue, Oct 25, 2011


Steve Jobs was an avowed Rolling Stones fan, though they weren’t quite as high up on his musical mantle as let’s say Bob Dylan or The Beatles.

A small blurb from the soon to be released Steve Jobs biography recounts a story of how Andy Warhol convinced Jobs to share the original Macintosh with Mick Jagger, lead singer for the Stones. So Jobs heeded Warhol’s suggestion and arranged to meet up with Jagger. The only problem was that Jagger had no idea who the hell Steve Jobs was.

Reflecting back on this seemingly odd encounter, Jobs says “I think he was on drugs. Either that or he’s brain damaged.”

Well it must have been the former because Mick Jagger would later take center stage at Apple’s special media event in 2003 upon the launch of the iTunes Music Store. In the video below, Mick Jagger chats with Steve Jobs via iChat.



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