Sony eyeing Aaron Sorkin to pen script for Steve Jobs movie

Tue, Nov 1, 2011


Perhaps trying to capture the formula that made The Social Network such a hit, Sony a few weeks ago acquired the movie rights to the recently released Steve Jobs biography. While precise details of the deal remain unknown, it’s believed that Sony paid anywhere from $1 million to $3 million for the movie rights.

This past week, the Los Angeles Times reported that Sony is trying to get Social Network scribe and Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin to head up writing duties on the movie.

Would the writer be a good fit for the story of the Apple leader, which is being produced by “Saving Private Ryan” producer Mark Gordon and the Hollywood management and producing mainstay Management 360?

Sorkin is known for penning stories about the lives of fiercely smart, if difficult, figures, of which Jobs certainly was one. Isaacson’s take on the late executive as someone whose penchant for “magical thinking” was both a great advantage and a fatal liability seems particularly suited to a Sorkin script, as does the detail about Jobs’ biological father, whom he met unwittingly at a Silicon Valley restaurant.

Given the resounding success and popularity of Steve jobs’ biography, it stands to reason that a film about Jobs’ life would be just as popular on the big screen as it’s been in print. To that end, regardless of who signs up to write the script, we imagine that Sony will have a huge hit on their hands.

Sorkin, though, would certainly be an apt choice. He’s a top of the line writer with a knack for engaging and pressurized dialogue that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats. Who else is better equipped to capture the engaging and polarizing figure that was Steve Jobs?

Besides, the success of The Social Network demonstrates that Sorkin is deftly skilled at translating a nerd/technology oriented story into a narrative capable of sparking the interest of the masses.



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