Loren Brichter leaves Twitter

Sun, Nov 6, 2011


Whether you’ve heard of Loren Brichter or not, if you use a mobile version of Twitter, you can thank Brichter for providing such a great user experience.

Brichter, who formerly worked as an engineer at Apple, left the company a few years back to start his own development company called Atebits. One of Brichter’s projects at Atebits was a mobile Twitter client called Tweetie which would go on to become the recipient of an Apple Design Award. Not surprisingly, Tweetie quickly became the defacto standard of excellence amongst Twitter clients, prompting Bricther to release Tweetie for the Mac as well – which I happily use daily.

Brichter’s popular app was so compelling that Twitter decided to acquire Tweetie and hire on Brichter to join Twitter’s mobile team. Following that Tweetie became “Twitter for the iPhone” and eventually became the default mobile Twitter client from Twitter.

Since then, Brichter has helped Twitter with its Twitter app across all mobile platforms, from Android to the iPad. And now comes word from Brichter, appropriately via Twitter, that he’s left the company to “figure out what’s next.”

More greatness, we imagine.


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