Apple security chief John Theriault departs following missing iPhone scandal

Mon, Nov 7, 2011


Not too long ago we highlighted that Apple has a security team in place charged with monitoring and helping to stop the proliferation of knockoff Apple products. The problem, for Apple, is a relatively new one and came about following the popularity of the iPod. But things really took off with the advent of the iPhone a few years later.

We noted in our original report, based on Wikileaks memo, that a few members of Apple’s security team came over from Pfizer where they worked to crackdown on counterfeit drug production in Asia. The head of Apple’s security team is John Theriault who formerly served as Pfizer’s security chief, and before that, as an FBI agent.

And now comes word that Theriault is no longer with Apple. The impetus for his departure reportedly revolves around the missing iPhone 4S/5 prototype story that made the round a few weeks back.

Yep, the iPhone 4 wasn’t the only time a prototype Apple smartphone was misplaced. You might remember that in late August reports emerged claiming that an Apple employee inadvertently left an iPhone prototype in a San Francisco Tequila bar.

Using “find my iPhone”, Apple was able to track the device down to a specific apartment – or so they thought. Apple security members, along with members of the San Francisco Police Department, subsequently visited said apartment and conducted a search for the missing device, which was never found.

Now the man who lived in the apartment may sue, claiming that Apple security members may have said they were police officers when they really weren’t, something which Apple steadfastly denies.

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