Native Winamp client finally hits the Mac

Tue, Nov 8, 2011


I was lucky enough to be in college when Napster came out. It was a glorious time where the music flowed freely, and yes, illegally, across the interwebs. Even before Napster, music sharing and downloading was extremely popular across campus. Back before Napster, college students in the dorms were able share their entire music libraries across the local network. When a search for a specific song proved futile, we had to rely on rudimentary search options like Of course now, we can just hop on iTunes and get any song our heart desires within seconds.

In any event, one of the hallmark programs back in the day was Winamp. For me at least, the early days of MP3s go hand in hand with Winamp, the music player of choice way back before iTunes came around. And now, for the first time, the folks behind Winamp have released a version of their arguably iconic software player for the Mac.  It’s called Winamp for Mac Sync Beta and we can only hope that it’s leaps and bounds better than Macamp.

Winamp for Mac Sync provides a straightforward solution for syncing and transferring your music library to your phone. Connect your phone and your Mac desktop to the same WiFi network and you will see your device pop up under the “Devices” node in the nav (make sure you have enabled Wireless Sync in Winamp for Android). Click on the Device name and confirm the simple pairing request on your phone. You only need to do this once and then Winamp will always remember your device. You can set it up to sync your entire library or specific playlists.

I don’t think I’ll be switching over from iTunes anytime soon but thought I’d post this in case anyone out there was feeling similarly nostalgic.

via Winamp


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