Former Apple exec Jay Elliot says Apple’s beef with Samsung will ultimately be resolved

Sat, Nov 12, 2011


As Apple and Samsung continue to duke it out in courts across the globe, a former Apple executive believes that the two companies will come to an agreement eventually. After all, he writes, Google is Apple’s main target.

So says Jay Elliot, a former Apple executive from the 80’s.

“The friction between Apple and Samsung is actually more of an extension of the conflict between Apple and Google, namely Android, and although Samsung’s Galaxy products did irritate Steve Jobs as I remember, I believe that Apple and Samsung will reach a compromise soon,” Elliot explained.

Elliot called Jobs’ legal fight with Samsung a “matter of pride.”

“Design was the issue that’s been causing the battle and Jobs was also upset after looking at the design of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones,” Elliot said.

“They’re trying to protect their uniqueness in the market. The phone market was the first market that Apple experienced where they encountered competitors who could match their uniqueness with their own uniqueness,” he said.

via Korea Times


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