Apple working on iOS 5 updates; seeks to end battery life issues and add new Siri commands

Wed, Nov 16, 2011

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The iOS 5.0.1 update Apple issued last week was primarily charged with alleviating the bevy of complaints concerning abnormally poor battery life on the iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, the update hasn’t proven to be a panacea for everyone as battery performance issues still persist.

Still looking for a universal fix, the German-language Macerkopf reports that an iOS 5.0.2 update may be just around the corner. The site reports that work on the update has already begun and should, once and for all, put an end – we only hope – to battery issues on the iPhone 4S. What’s more, the site claims that Apple is also hard at work on iOS 5.1, the first significant iOS 5 update.

Regarding the battery issues, the site describes the current problems thusly – some of the data in iOS 5 is hardware redundant, meaning many of the features in iOS 5 all access the hardware to fetch the same data. This puts a heavy strain on the battery and Apple engineers are currently working “feverishly” to reduce power consumption from Siri, the GPS, and the telephone network.

“If all goes as planned,” the report claims, “the iPhone will last longer with 5.0.2. The stated goal is 40 hours standby with 10 hours of use. This is 2x longer than HTC or Samsung.”

As for when to expect the latest iOS update, Macerkopf claims it should be released sometime next week at the absolute latest.

Regarding iOS 5.1, the site notes that there will quite a few Siri updates – the last we’ll see in 2011 by the way. Some of the rumored Siri enhancements will include the ability to take a photo, make a video, and turn on wireless via voice activation.


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