iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen and redesigned MacBook Pros on track for 2012 release

Tue, Nov 22, 2011


iLounge late last week dropped a number of intriguing rumors that seem to verify a previous report claiming that Apple will be revamping its entire product line in 2012.

Citing what it calls its most reliable source, Jeremy Horwitz briefly details some of the changes we can expect to see in upcoming Apple products.

First and foremost, we have the iPhone 5 which, interestingly enough, will not sport the famed teardrop form factor that nearly took on a life of its own this past Summer. But don’t get too discouraged as the next-gen iPhone will reportedly sport a larger 4-inch screen and will be 8mm longer. With regard to materials, Horwitz’s source claims the device will feature a metal, and most likely aluminum, casing. Notably, the report claims that poor battery performance was likely key issue in Apple’s decision not to produce the teardrop designed iPhone 5. This jibes with a previous report from BusinessInsider which claimed that the ┬áiPhone prototype had particularly poor battery life due to its larger screen. Taking this to be true, we imagine that Apple has worked around any of the previous battery life issues plaguing the device.

Further, and as expected, the report claims that the iPhone 5 will support LTE.

Moving along, Apple’s next-gen iPad will house a higher-res display and will consequently be .7mm thicker “in order to accommodate the twin light bar system” needed for said display. Rumors of dual LED light bars first surfaced in early November and are reportedly a must as the current iPad LED is insufficiently powerful to illuminate the display. iLounge says that the iPad 3 will likely be released in March with an official announcement/demo of the device possible as early as January.

And lastly, iLounge says that Apple in 2012 will finally update the MacBook Pro design with a thinner form factor.


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