iOS 5.1 beta includes first reference to iPhone 5

Tue, Nov 29, 2011


Apple yesterday released the first beta of iOS 5.1 and the folks at 9to5Mac have been finding a bunch of goodies in there. In addition to what are likely references to a Sprint iPad 2 and an upgraded Apple TV, Mark Gurman writes that data strings discovered in Apple’s latest beta include the first reference to what is most likely the iPhone 5.

Specifically, Gurman highlights an iPhone5,1 data string – which if you’re familiar with how Apple internally tags devices, refers to the first iteration of its fifth-generation iPhone.

This comes right after the iPhone 4Ss 4,1 identifier. The jump from 4,1 to 5,1 represents major internal changes, meaning the iPhone 5/6 will pack in a brand-new processor. The A6 in all likelihood. Rumored additions for externals are a 4 inch display and a new aluminum casing. Apple just released the iPhone 4S in October, and it is yet to be seen if this new iPhone will come next October or in the summer as rumored. With the 5,1 reference appearing this early, we like to think the latter.

Just yesterday, the Japanese-language Macotakara blog reported that Toshiba, Sony, and Hitachi Displays had already begun shipping 4-inch LCD screens to be used on the next-gen iPhone. And earlier last week, iLounge – which typically has a great track record regarding Apple rumors – wrote that the iPhone 5 will in fact sport a larger screen. The rumored device will be 8mm longer and finally support LTE. While there are already a slew of 4G Android devices out on the market, Apple clearly has no qualms about coming late to the party. When asked specifically about LTE enabled iPhones a few months ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook calmly explained that LTE chipsets at the time were bulky and power inefficient and would force Apple to make design compromises it wasn’t comfortable with.

Lastly, there are reports that the iPhone 5 will not sport the infamous teardrop design that proliferated through the interwebs this past Summer and early this Fall

via 9to5Mac


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