Microsoft eyeing release of Office for the iPad

Tue, Nov 29, 2011

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Microsoft is planning to release its suite of Microsoft Office software for the iPad according to a recent report from The Daily. At the core, Microsoft is a software company and with the iPad essentially owning the tablet market, that’s a big and untapped market Microsoft seems to be eyeing more intensely these days with the prospect of big dollar signs looming overhead.

In addition to an iPad optimized version of Office, Microsoft is reportedly also working on delivering a new version of Office for OS X Lion sometime in 2012.

It’s assumed that both of these would work with Office 365 as well as mobile versions, such as Windows Phone’s Office Hub. Because it would be compatible with these full suites rather than as stand-alone apps, the pricing will most likely be significantly lower than existing Office products. In fact, it’s likely the cost will be around the $10 price point that Apple has established for its Pages, Numbers and Keynote products.

It’s an interesting dilemma faced by Microsoft to the extent that releasing Office for the iPad may further cement the iPad’s status as the tablet to beat and may have reverberations in Microsoft’s other core business – Windows licensing – as many folks increasingly begin to view the iPad as a standalone replacement for the PC.


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