Kids and Teenagers both put iOS products at the top of their Holiday wish lists

Wed, Nov 30, 2011


This holiday shopping season, American teenagers have just three things on their mind – cold hard cash, clothes, and Apple products.

A testament to the popularity of Apple products and a branding success that remains the envy of nearly every other company, a recent survey conducted by Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray reveals that behind cash and clothes, teenagers are angling for Apple products this season.

In a survey of a few thousand teenagers, Munster found that 3.4% of those polled want an iPhone for Christmas while 2.5% want an iPad and 1.2% want an iPod Touch. A bit further down, 1.1% of respondents indicated that they want a Mac for Christmas.

By way of comparison, only 0.3% of those polled expressed an interest in an Xbox 360, which is just a smidge behind the 0.4% of folks who expressed interest in a PS 3.

Topping the most-wanted chart was cash, which checked in at 22% followed by clothing which checked in at 15%.

As noted by AppleInsider, Munster has been compiling this type of data for a few years now and it’s clear that Apple products have steadily climbed up the ranks on the wish lists of kids over the past few years.

A similar survey conducted by Nielsen revealed that the top three desired products amongst kids age 6-12 were all Apple products – the iPad, followed by the iPod Touch and the iPhone. All told, 44% of surveyed kids expressed an interest in Apple’s iPad, up nearly 50% from the 31% figure Nielsen recorded in 2010.

via AppleInsider


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