SiriOus removed from Cydia app store after Nuance refuses to offer license

Thu, Dec 1, 2011


As one of the more compelling features in iOS 5, it’s not too surprising to see a number of Siri imitators hti other mobile platforms. Also to be expected are jailbreak hacks enabling Siri to run on devices other than the iPhone 4S. A few weeks ago we highlighted a developer who, as a proof of concept, got Siri up and running on older iOS devices.

More recently, Eric Day released a jailbroken app called SiriOus on the Cydia app store. The app introduced Siri-style dictation to older generation iPhones. But now, it appears that the app has been pulled by Day due to the fact that Nuance, the company whose technology drives Siri’s voice recognition functionality, refused to offer Day a license.

So for the time being, Day is looking for a free alternative to Nuance, but considering that Nuance provides a best-in-class experience built upon decades of research and development, we’re not sure how much luck he’s going to have. It’s also unclear how much longer users who’ve already downloaded and installed SiriOus will be able to to continue fully using their app.

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