Apple retail employee fired after making snide iPhone jokes on Facebook

Mon, Dec 5, 2011


Apple’s penchant for product secrecy is well-known, and even extends down to preventing employees from blogging in certain instances. Recently, the blogosphere was aflutter with news that Apple fired a retail store employee named Samuel Crisp after he began ranting and raving about his iPhone on his Facebook account.

Crisp disputed the basis for his firing though an employment tribunal overseeing the matter said the dismissal was appropriate as his Facebook complaints were not private.

Mr Crisp’s string of rants about his ‘jesusPhone’, misfiring apps and job at one of Apple’s shops were not private, the panel said.

The employee said of one app: ‘F***ed up my time zone for the third time in a week and woke me up at 3am? JOY!!’

The disillusioned worker also poked fun at the company’s tagline when it offered Beatles songs on iTunes, which read: ‘Tomorrow is another day. That you’ll never forget.’ He posted: ‘Tomorrow’s just another day that hopefully I will forget.’

While Crisp’s posts seem benign, Apple does have a social media policy in place that prohibits employees from making disparaging remarks about Apple products. The tribunal raised that Apple’s image is central to its success so Apple was well within its means to take the Facebook postings seriously.

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