Computer History Museum unveils online Steve Jobs exhibit with extremely rare video of Jobs circa 1980

Fri, Dec 9, 2011

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Just when you thought you’d seen everything there was to see about Steve Jobs, the Computer History Museum – located in Mountain View, California – yesterday announced a new online Steve Jobs exhibit that traces Jobs’ life from his early days in Palo Alto all the way up to his unparalleled second act as Apple CEO.

The exhibit includes rare footage (and by rare we mean you won’t find this on YouTube) of Jobs circa 1980 speaking about the early days of Apple. The video was a gift from Regis McKenna.

“In Jobs’s own words, we hear how luck as well as skill played big roles in Apple’s founding,” said Dag Spicer, CHM’s senior curator. “We also see how focused, articulate and convincing Jobs could be, even at this early stage.” Jobs, who seems to genuinely appreciate the magnitude of what Apple could be, remarks: “For some crazy reason in the universe, two people from Los Altos and Cupertino, California managed to want something that just so happened to be what about a million other people wanted.”

The entire exhibit is elegantly put together and well worth exploring.

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