15 apps removed from the iTunes App Store in 2011

Thu, Dec 22, 2011


It wasn’t all that long ago that Apple would routinely make the news for rejecting an app for reasons that belied all logic and reason. But these days, Apple has largely gotten their app review process under control and it’s rare that we see headlines about Apple’s draconian app store policies spring up.

In conjunction with Apple perhaps becoming judicious in its app store rejections, the lack of app store rejection stories can also be attributed to the fact they admittedly got a bit repetitive. That said, we’re not totally removed from the era of controversial app rejections and techaheadcorp recently compiled a list of 15 controversial apps that Apple pulled from the iTunes App Store in 2011.

From an app centering on the notion that homosexuals can stop being gay to a Palestinian app urging a violent uprising against Israel, all the favorites from the past year are here. While most of the titles will be familiar – such as the recent Drivers License app that was pulled just 2 weeks ago – there are a few we ourselves haven’t heard of.

The list reads:

1. Exodus International

2. Third Intifada

3. Phone Story

4. Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigrant

5. Financial Times

6. Google Books

7. iPlayboy

8. Jew or Not Jew

9. DriversEd.com’s Drivers License App

10. iTether

11. DUI Checkpoint Apps

12. Print-to-PDF

13. iControlbits iOS App

14. Any Music Downloader

15. Tawkon



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