Samsung handset shipments top 300 million in 2011

Fri, Dec 23, 2011


Despite a slew of Android manufacturers in the marketplace, the bulk of Apple’s Android related efforts center on Samsung. While certain Android manufacturers like Motorola and HTC arguably put their own spin on Android, Samsung’s implementation is seemingly copied part and parcel from Apple’s iPhone.

In doing so, Samsung’s mobile division has soared to unprecedented heights. Not too long ago, the Korean based electronics giant announced a huge spike in mobile phone shipments year over year, with 2011 shipments surpassing 300 million units for the first time in company history. All the more impressive is that the milestone was reached in just 11 months. By way of comparison, it took Samsung a full year to ship 280 handsets in 2012.

At the forefront of Samsung’s success, not surprisingly, are the products that most closely resemble Apple’s own offerings – namely its series of Galaxy S smartphones which have been the company’s fastest selling smartphone to date, selling 10 million units in just 5 months.

“We attained the 300 million mark because we’ve introduced hit models in succession by banking on upscale designs and cutting-edge technology,” a Samsung executive explained. “The attainment of the 300 million mark in mobile handsets effectively demonstrates that Korea is taking the center stage in the global mobile handset market.”


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