Apple’s January media event to focus on publishing and iBooks

Tue, Jan 3, 2012


Kara Swisher yesterday broke the story that Apple is planning a special media event towards the end of January. Swisher’s sources told her that the announcement wasn’t related to the iPad 3 and likely would have nothing to do with the rumored Apple HDTV.

We ourselves speculated that the event would center on media deals that might facilitate the eventual release of an Apple HDTV. But as it turns out, the event will, in fact, focus on publishing and e-books.

Citing a source familiar with Apple’s plans, TechCrunch reported earlier today:

According to the source the event will not involve any hardware at all and instead will focus on publishing and eBooks (sold through Apple’s iBooks platform) rather than iAds. Attendance will also be more publishing industry-oriented than consumer-focused.

The event will unveil improvements to the iBooks platform, according to the same source, and is not “major.” I’m still trying to track down other details, such as the exact day and time and will keep you posted. My request for more information was sent to Apple via email and has not yet been responded to.

So really, this is less of a special event and more of an event. We’re not sure what type of publishing and eBooks news Apple has up its sleeve but remember that one of the industries Steve Jobs hoped to one day revolutionize was textbooks.

We’ll keep you posted as to the date of the event as soon as more information is released. Also, expect Eddy Cue – Apple’s Senior VP of Internet Software and Services, to oversee the event.


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