“The Dark Knight Rises” trailer broke iTunes download record in just 24 hours

Thu, Jan 5, 2012


Call me crazy, and indeed I’ve been called much worse by fans of the revamped Batman movies, but I didn’t think Dark Knight was all that great. I mean it was good, but I thought Batman Begins was decidedly much better, more cohesive, and overall, much more entertaining.

In any event, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are signed up for just one more Batman movie. Set for a Summer 2012 release, the film is called The Dark Knight Rises and if demand for the recently released trailer is any indication, it might very well be the most successful film of the series.

Two weeks ago, Apple posted two brand new HD trailers of the movie up on its website, one of which was an iTunes exclusive. In just 24 hours, the exclusive trailer (which has since become popular on YouTube) broke the all-time iTunes download record and attracted an astounding 12.5 million views to the iTunes trailer page. The previous record for views was held by Marvel’s The Avengers

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