Acer decides to copy Apple’s iCloud slide

Mon, Jan 9, 2012


It’s the first day of CES and Acer is apparently taking a page out of Samsung’s strategy – you know, just copy everything Apple does.

Acer has a new service dubbed AcerCloud which, like iCloud, will enable Acer owners to sync media content and documents between devices, including Android smartphones. Down the line, Acer will work to integrate Windows Phone 7 compatibility as well.

And similar to iCloud’s PhotoStream feature, Acer has AcerCloud PicStream which stores photos for a period of 30 days where they can be backed up to a user’s PC.

Now it’s not as if Apple has a monopoly on cloud-based computing. Far from it.

But the photo above essentially demonstrates the lengths to which companies will go to steal some of Apple’s mojo.

Seriously, look at the photo above and try to quickly tell which slide is from Apple and which is from Acer.


via The Verge



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