Apple’s on the prowl! Company has 250 employees checking out CES

Wed, Jan 11, 2012


Apple may not have an official presence at CES, but that doesn’t mean the company is completely turning a blind eye to the latest developments going on there.

According to a report from Reuters, more than 250 Apple employees registered for this year’s event, perhaps wandering the CES floor looking at the latest and greatest tech developments from any company not named Apple.

Of the 250 Apple folks attending CES, one of them was Greg Joswiak, Apple’s head of iOS product marketing.

Paid Content spotted Joswiak this past Tuesday walking the floor and checking out Sony’s booth.

Joswiak said he was interested in how other companies present their products at events such as CES, from things like booth layout and aesthetics to which products are highlighted within a company’s booth. He seemed less than impressed with Sony’s booth but didn’t really want to get into a lengthy discussion.

It’s not all that surprising that Apple would want to keep tabs on CES but I was a little surprised to see Joz, one of the higher-ranking executives in Apple’s hierarchy, walking the show floor like anybody else. His badge was strategically arranged as to cover over his name and company affiliation, however, a nod to Apple’s penchant for keeping a low profile.

With rumors surrounding an Apple HDTV getting increasingly louder, we imagine Apple was particularly attune to the latest TV developments coming from Samsung.


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