Apple’s international retail push includes stores located in historical buildings

Thu, Jan 12, 2012


Apple’s retail store strategy appears to be undergoing a seismic shift. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit strong, but having already conquered the malls and famous shopping areas in America, many of Apple’s planned new retail stores in 2012 are set to open up abroad. What’s more, many of these will be located in historic buildings.

9to5Mac reported a few weeks back:

Apple is not slowing down when it comes to opening more iconic brick-and-mortar retail locations. Three new retail locations all received recent approval: one located in a century theatre in Germany, and a second in London, Ontario, Canada, and the third in a historic 1860-era building in Madrid, Spain.

The picture below is a rendering of the upcoming Madrid store, which will occupy 65,293 square feet. In keeping with Apple’s past practice, the modern store will retain much of the 1860’s charm that currently drapes the complex. In another lifetime, the space occupied by Apple was the Hotel Paris.

As for Apple’s planned new retail store in Germany, it will be located in an early 20th century theatre built in 1912.

Another store set to open in 2012 is located in London, Ontario, Canada in Masonville Place shopping mall. Although it’s been rumored for years, we’re receiving several tips that it is set to open next year and the typically reliably ifoAppleStore has confirmed. The store will apparently take over the 6,176 square-foot space previously occupied by Eddie Bauer on the upper level. This would continue Apple’s steady retail expansion in Canada, currently sitting at just 22 stores across the country, nine of which are located in Ontario.

More recently, Apple opened up one of its largest retail store yet in Grand Central Station in New York City. With over 750,000 filing in and out of the Station on a daily basis, the store will likely be one of Apple’s busiest yet.


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