Best letter ever written to a Lawyer

Fri, Jan 13, 2012

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Now this may very well be one of the best responses to a legal threat we’ve ever seen.

The backdrop: The San Antonio, Texas based Freetail Brewing Co. received a cease and desist letter from the Steelhead Brewing Co. (based out of Eugene, Oregon) demanding that they stop using “Hopasaurus Rex” as a name for one of their beers.

Freetail’s response back to Steelhead’s lawyers is just classic.

And here’s Page 2, which includes the Pièce de résistance.

Simply brilliant!

Curious, we moseyed on over to the Freetail Brewing Co. website and found that they have a slew of beers with interesting names. From the fitting “Rye Wit” and “Old Bat Rastard” to “Buffalo Hump 1840 IPA” and ” Invierno Inexistante”, these guys seem like the type you’d want to share a cold one with.

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