Apple’s Finder team balked at incorporating Dropbox functionality into OS X

Mon, Jan 23, 2012

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Apple’s iCloud offering doesn’t represent the company’s first foray into the world of cloud computing, but it certainly is their most successful effort to date given that it was preceded by MobileMe.

A few months back we reported on how Apple reportedly made a $800 million offer to acquire Dropbox, an offer which Dropbox refused on account of their desire to remain an independent company.

In any event, Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston sat down for a chat with Wired at the DLD conference in Munich today and dropped some interesting tidbits about Apple’s interest in cloud computing and internal efforts to incorporate Dropbox style functionality into OS X.

The Next Web reports:

Apple’s MobileMe could have had a Dropbox-style feature built into the OS X Finder, but it was nixed by internal Apple politics, according to Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston.

Houston said that apparently the team behind the failed cloud service MobileMe wanted to add a Dropbox-style feature directly into OS X (for use with MobileMe) but that the team responsible for the OS X Finder app “wouldn’t prioritize it, or wouldn’t build it” for them. MobileMe’s replacement, iCloud, also lacks any kind of direct OS X Finder interaction as yet.

The MobileMe team apparently talked to Dropbox in 2009 as they were interested in how it worked. “It was a little confusing to us,” admitted Houston, as the two teams probably sat 50 feet from each other.


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