AT&T activates 7.6 million iPhones, 80.8% of all smartphone activations

Thu, Jan 26, 2012


Apple’s not the only company with record breaking iPhone news this week. AT&T earlier today reported their earnings for the December quarter and noted that they actiavted 7.6 million iPhone 4S devices during that period, a figure significantly higher than the 4.2 million iPhone activations Verizon reported recently.

The 7.6 million iPhone activations represents an all-time quarterly high for AT&T, and incredibly, iPhone sales comprised 80.8% of AT&T’s total 9.4 million in smartphone sales. And of those 7.6 million actiavtions, AT&T noted that the majority of them were for the iPhone 4S

In the fourth quarter, the company set a new record with 9.4 million smartphones sold, nearly double the number sold in the third quarter and 50 percent more than the previous quarterly record. Fourth-quarter smartphone sales represented more than 80 percent of postpaid device sales. Both iPhone and Android device sales set records. During the quarter, more than 7.6 million iPhones were activated, the majority of which were iPhone 4S, which went on sale Oct. 14, and more than twice as many Android smartphones were sold versus the fourth quarter a year ago. iPhone sales were helped by a superior customer experience, with AT&T delivering download speeds up to three-times faster than on other U.S. carriers’ networks.

All told, AT&T’s revenue for the quarter checked in at $32.5 billion, a 3.6% increase from teh same quarter a year-ago.



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