HTC confirms the astuteness of Apple’s 4G strategy

Mon, Feb 6, 2012


With everyone clamoring for 4G, Apple has been happy to ride the 3G train and record breaking iPhone sales confirm that people prefer a solid user experience on 3G than a subpar one on 4G. Tim Cook famously said that Apple was hesitant to jump into the 4G pool due to battery concerns and bulky chipsets that would have necessitated design compromises Apple wasn’t comfortable with.

On the flip side, HTC hasn’t been shy about jumping into the HTC realm with full force, a strategy that they’re now starting to regret.

HTC during a call discussing its low forecast and results backtracked from the strategy that dictated 2011. CFO Winston Yung acknowledged a lukewarm reception for fall devices but added that the company’s philosophy throughout all of last year, where it was willing to make thick, short-lived devices for the sake of having 4G, was a mistake. The “next product cycle” of devices would fix this, Yung said, hinting at the Ville and Endeavor.

The company had already said it planned to focus on fewer but better phones in 2012.

via Electronista


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