David Tupman, Apple VP of iPhone and iPod engineering, leaves the company

Tue, Feb 14, 2012


9to5Mac reported last week that David Tupman, Apple’s former VP of iPhone and iPod Engineering left the company at the end of 2011. Tupman, armed with a a degree from Salford University in the UK and later from UC Berkley, worked at Apple for 8 years where was an integral member on the teams that helped churn out innumerable iPod models and, later on, the iPhone.

He had a big hand in the development and success of every iPod released to date, and when it was time to build the iPhone, Tupman joined the team behind that product, too. As Apple shifted its engineering resources to its mobile line of products, Tupman was named Vice President of iPod and iPhone Engineering— a major role at Apple. Besides playing a major part in growing Apple’s mobile device business into one of the most successful businesses ever, Tupman has his name on at around 70 Apple technology patents, such as power and battery life management, noise-canceling ear buds, Apple’s tiny iPhone power adapters, and mobile device interaction with accessories.

While employed at 1 Infinte Loop, Tupman reported directly to Bob Mansfield, Apple’s Senior VP of Hardware Engineering. As of yet, no replacement has been named but the report claims that Apple will look within the company for a successor.

via 9to5Mac


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