Live notes from Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs presentation

Tue, Feb 14, 2012


MacDailyNews has the hookup over here.

And a quick sampling:

• Cook: Price is rarely the most important thing. A cheap unit may move some units. But when people get the unit home and use it, the joy is gone and every day they try to use it. “I got a good deal! Because you hate it!”
• iPad is a profound change. It will be bigger than the PC
• iOS and “that other operating system” development is the center of innovation now, not the PC
• Cook: I found that iPad – even before it shipped, as I was testing it in secret – quickly became 80-90% of my consumption and work
• Cook: iPad is the fastest adoption across a wide range than I’ve ever seen before
• The reason iPad is so large is that it stands on the shoulders of everything that came before it: iPhone, iTunes Store, App Store, etc. People just know how to use it instinctively.
• iPad is on a trajectory that is off-the-charts. The ecosystem in 170,00 apps optimized for iPad
• We’ve only scratched the surface. We’ve focused on China and some in Brazil and Russia, but there is much headroom.
• iPhone changed everything. iPhone halo effect for the Mac is amazing.


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