Apple working on A5X and A6 processors – Report

Sun, Feb 26, 2012

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9to5Mac has an interesting scoop detailing how Apple is simulataneously working on an A5X processor alongside an A6 processor. While Apple is a company of patterns, there have been conflicting reports as to which chip we’ll find nestled inside the soon to be released iPad 3. While it was long assumed an A6 chip from Apple was on the way, it might be a bit too soon to jump to conclusions.

  • Apple simply developed both chips simultaneously to see which would better fit the new iPad.
  • The quad-core A6 is for the iPad 3, while the A5X is for rumored Apple TV update, the next-generation iPhone, or another iOS device
  • Apple will sell a cheaper iPad with the A5X chip and the higher-end iPad 3 has the A6.
  • The rumored 8 inch iPad has the A5x processor

Check out the full story here.


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