Get $50 off complete iPad 2 lineup at Best Buy

Mon, Feb 27, 2012

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In what’s likely an indication that Apple’s iPad 3 is set to launch very shortly, each iPad 2 model can now be purchased for $50 off via Best Buy’s online site. It’s possible that the $50 sale is also available in-store but we don’t have confirmation as to this just yet. $50 is the largest iPad 2 discount we’ve seen, and TUAW which originally reported on the story, points out that the iPad 2 sale price on Black Friday was just $45 off of the suggested retail price.

In other words, this is probably the best deal on an iPad 2 you’re going to see.. that is until the iPad 3 hits store shelves.

Remember that reliable sources have pointed to an iPad 3 announcement on March 7, followed by a release either that day or within a week’s time. Also note that the return window on an iPad 2 is 14 days, so if you align your iPad 2 purchase properly, you can hedge your bet against a cheaper price point for an iPad 2 given a rumor from a few weeks back indicating that Apple will keep it in stock at a $399 price point.

via TUAW


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