Al Jazeera to air documentary on Syrian unrest, shot entirely with an iPhone

Wed, Mar 14, 2012


The civil unrest in Syria continues to grow as the corrupt government there continues its violent crackdown on its dissenting populous. The UN estimates that more than 7,500 individuals have been killed over the past few months by Syrian authorities.

Later today, Al Jazeera will be broadcasting a documentary on the happenings in Syria that was shot entirely with an iPhone. The beginning of the documentary begins with the Al Jazeera correspondent saying the following:

I can’t tell you my name. I’ve spent many months secretly in Syria for Al Jazeera.

I cannot show my face and my voice is disguised to conceal my identity, because I don’t want to endanger my contacts in Syria.

Because carrying a camera would be risky, I took my cell phone with me as I moved around the country and captured images from the uprising that have so far remained unseen.

A promo for the film can be seen below.

It’s not entirely clear when exactly the video footage was shot. We mention this because in late 2011, in the wake of a brutal government crackdown that saw Syrian forces kill scores of demonstrators and innocent civilians, Syrian Prime Minister Bashar al-Assad banned the use of iPhones in an effort to hide the the government sanctioned violence, abuse, and human rights violations.




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