iPhone 5 concept photos

Tue, Mar 20, 2012


CiccareseDesign a few weeks ago put together some interesting iPhone 5 mockups. They look pretty sleek, admittedly, but at the risk of being a total and complete buzzkill, it’s essentially just an iPhone UI melded with Apple’s Magic Mouse design. It also borrows heavily from the rumored iPhone 5 teardrop design that many expected to see in stores this past fall.

In any event, the mockups are certainly interesting and worth checking out until we get our hands on legit iPhone 5 mockups.

Looks good, and truthfully, this design is much more ergonomic (or as Michael Scott from The Office once said, “Urkelnomic”) than the leaked iPhone 5 teardrop designs we saw last Summer. The only issue is that a phone with this design would shake and wobble incessantly when placed down on a flat surface.


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