New iPad runs 5 degrees warmer than the iPad 2… or does it?

Tue, Mar 20, 2012


Tweakers reports via Google Translate:

Thermal Images with an infrared camera made confirm the higher temperature. A new iPad was placed next to an iPad 2, both tablets were entrusted with the GLBenchmark. After five minutes, per tablet, the temperature of the hottest point is measured. On the left is the new iPad. Noted that the lower right corner at the rear a temperature of 33.6 ° C. The iPad 2 scored in the same place a temperature of 28.3 ° C, a difference of 5.3 ° C.

But John Gruber astutely points out:

Celsius and Fahrenheit are relative temperature scales, not absolute, so you can’t do percentage-based comparisons. Think about it: 33.6 / 28.3 gives you an “18.7 percent” increase, but if you do the math with the same temperatures in Fahrenheit, you get 92.5 / 82.9 = “11.6 percent” increase. If you really want to do a percentage based comparison, you need to convert to an absolute temperature scale like Kelvin, which shows you that it’s actually a 1.8 percent increase in temperature (306.75 / 301.45). This is middle school science.



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