Phil Schiller clarifies reason for deleting his Instagram account

Mon, Apr 23, 2012


Apple’s Senior VP of worldwide marketing, the one and only Phil Schiller, created a mild stir last week when he responded to a fan question about why he deleted his Instagram account.

As you can see from the screenshot to the right, Schiller said that the app “jumped the shark” when it became available on Android. The reality, though, likely has something to do with the fact that Instagram was for a long time the most popular mobile photo sharing app and Apple liked that it was an iPhone exclusive. Hell, it even won an iPhone app of the year award. But with iOS exclusivity no longer draping the app, Schiller apparently isn’t keen on supporting cross platform apps.

Or as 9to5 points out, “As marketing chief at Apple, seeing one of the platform’s most popular third-party pieces of software running on millions of Android phones is a disappointing sight.”

A few hours later, a 9to5Mac reader emailed Phil Schiller at good ole’ to get a more complete answer. And surprise surprise, Schiller responded with a more fleshed out explanation.

It read:

Instagram is a great app and community. That hasn’t changed.
But one of the things I really liked about Instagram was that it was a small community of early adopters sharing their photographs.

Now that it has grow (sic) much larger the signal to noise ratio is different.

That isn’t necessarily good or bad, it’s just not what I originally had fun with.


Fair enough, Phil. Fair enough.


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